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High Pass a middle aged man…


With this image from the free stock website I applied some sharpening and toning effects to give him a more weathered lived-in grungy look…



Seasonal Retouch

Another image submitted on the retouching website RetocuchPRO in the restoration challenges section.  This one with a seasonal slant seeing as it has the big fella from the North Pole in it.  I think there is a similar photo somewhere featuring myself at a slightly younger age – it’s probably in a Jacob’s biscuit tin in my parents attic.  The Jacob’s tin truly is the pandora’s box of retouching – beware.

Merry Christmas One and All

Colin Farrell



This image was submitted on the retouching website RetocuchPRO in the restoration challenges section.  The original poster had left one of his favourite images on a countertop and somebody spilled some juice over it (at a guess I’d say cranberry) leaving it in the horrible mess you see below.  Not one to shirk a challenge I obliged by taking the juice stained kid into Photoshop.  I used several hue/saturation layers with selective masks along with targeted curves adjustment layers with masks to get rid of the stain. I also used a blank layer set to color mode and painted sampled colors on it. I used the healing brush and a dodge and burn layer to get rid of the transitions between the stained and non-stained part of the image.

The present giving season is fast approaching, if you are at a loss and are responsible for sloshing a burgundy over somebody’s wedding album – you are on your own, anything short of that I maybe able to help.




Restore your precious memories….

Time and tide wait for no one – you may remember it just like it was yesterday, every moment and detail of that special day vivid in your minds eye, the photograph on the wall may not have fared so well however.  All photographs fade and loose their lustre over time, you may have worn pure white on your wedding day but the photo on the wall tells the world it was dirty yellow.  At Farlco Digital Imaging we can restore those prints to their former glory, helping those of us with cloudy memories lift the veil and remember those moments as they were.

Colin Farrell

Farlco Digital Imaging


Model Mayhem Beauty Retouch

Model Mayhem ( is a website community for models, photographers and photoshop “wizards” (their term not mine!) etc.  On one of the forums people submit sample images for retouching, I happened on the image below from photographer Carol Lee from Texas (Mayhem #1216562) on this thread .  The extent of the retouch is quite extreme, I spent a couple of hours on it – but it shows what can be done with less than perfect skin…



Original Photo Carol Lee


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Photo Restoration

One of the services I provide at Farlco Digital Imaging is the restoration of old and not so old photographs.  The level of restoration can vary quite a bit depending on your requirements and the state of the original.  Each image presents different challenges, there could be tears or rips in the photo or strong discoloration.  This example on the face of it looks quite simple but I spent a couple of hours on it.  For more details check out my website



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