Farlco Digital Imaging is a business I set up in October 2009.  For the previous 13 years or so I have worked in two of Dublins best regarded Professional Photographic labs (Primary Colour and Repro35), and a Photographic Agency (Mac Innes Photography).  The decision to go freelance was thrust upon me – we all know how it has been going economy wise lately – best try to forge ahead.  Needless to say the photographic services industry has gone through enormous changes since 1996 . The endless hours I spent in the darkroom printing and processing are a distant memory – I haven’t inhaled a lung-full of bleach in quite a while.  I find new technology in the digital photography field exciting rather than daunting and rejoice in the chemical free darkroom of Photoshop.  Today I offer a wide range of freelance image processing, retouching and manipulation services mainly to professional photographers, but also to anyone who has an image that needs some enhancement/retouching…. For more details of the services I provide please visit my website

Photoshop Abú

Colin Farrell


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