Open for Business!!

11 Oct

Farlco Digital Imaging is now officially open for business! I offer a wide range of professional photo editing services, check out my website – –  for examples and descriptions of these services.  Along with photoshop tips and tricks, I will also post examples on this blog of the type of work I can do for you and your clients….

Occasionally I trawl through various stock image sites looking for images that I can adjust and improve on in Photoshop, indeed many of the samples on my website come from this source.  Of course on many of the more professional stock sites the images have already been optimized, but is a free stock image site – so many of the images have not been adjusted, I found this image on this site , and thought it could do with the with the strong red cast being reduced, while I was at it I would do some retouching – some blemish removal, skin softening etc.  Stock sites are a great source for finding images to retouch, particularly faces – asking your wife/girlfriend/friend/significant other could you use their image as an example of retouching and blemish removal is a can of worms I for one want to steer clear of – we all are imperfect, but none of us like this to be pointed out!


Colin Farrell

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Posted by on October 11, 2009 in Image Editing, Photoshop



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